The Last Piece of the Puzzle: Providing high-quality, affordable health coverage to all children through national health reform.

Publication Date: September 2009

Publisher: Georgetown University Center for Children and Families; Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Author(s): Dawn. Horner; Jocelyn. Guyer; Georgetown University Health Policy Insititute - Center for Children and Families

Research Area: Health

Type: Report


The nation has made significant progress in covering children, but 9 million children still lack insurance and many more are at risk of not receiving the health care services that they need to develop and grow properly.

To address these issues, children will need to be an integral part of the much larger health reform debate now under way. Based on the research and the experience gained over decades of efforts to cover children, this report provides a blueprint of what children and families need from health reform, including an overview of where the remaining gaps are for children’s coverage and recommendations on the key challenges that must be addressed in order to complete the puzzle.