Issues in Evaluating Health Department Web-Based Data Query Systems

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Author(s): Daniel.J. Friedman; R.Gibson. Parrish

Research Area: Health

Type: Report


This compilation of working papers examines the use of Web-based Data Query Systems (WDQS) by public health departments. Over the past 20 years, public health departments throughout the United States have placed increasing emphasis on improving community health assessment at the local and state levels. Public health departments use Web-based Data Query Systems alongside other tools to provide data for community health assessment.
Web-based Data Query Systems allow users to query population health data through dynamic interfaces on the Web. Although increasing numbers of public health departments make data available through WDQS, there is limited research assessing WDQS. This set of working papers provides a broad examination of WDQS, divided into four areas of study:
1. Papers cover topics including taxonomy structures, logic models for evaluation of WDQS and key informant interviews.
2. Methodological issues: Papers include an examination of indicators for evaluation of WDQS, a scientific approach to design and improvement of WDQS and a look at statistical issues that may arise.
3. Current status of WDQS evaluations: This paper reports on a national survey of state health departments' evaluations of WDQS.
4. Examples of WDQS evaluations in use: Papers discuss evaluations in California, Missouri and Rhode Island.