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A Win-Win Solution for Ohio's Health and Economy: A Foundation-supported report suggests that the state's governor and Legislature should increase Ohio's tobacco tax rates instead of raiding $230 million from the Tobacco Prevention Foundation.

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Publication Date: April 2008

Publisher(s): Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Topic: Health (Licensing and regulation)


Tobacco funding in Ohio is in jeopardy as the governor and Legislature seek $230 million from the state's Tobacco Prevention Foundation for an economic stimulus package.

Raiding the Tobacco Prevention Foundation would gut state tobacco prevention programs, according to the Campagn for Tobacco-Free Kids (CTFK). In a new RWJF-supported report, CTFK suggests a better way to fund the stimulus package: Increase Ohio's tobacco tax rates.

By doing so, the report's authors suggest, the state could raise the desired $230 million for Governor Strickland's economic stimulus package—and it could also fully fund Ohio's tobacco prevention program. Raising the rates would also lock in substantial annual state revenue increases that would continue for years to come.

The report suggests that tobacco tax increases would produce on other welcome effect: sharp declines in tobacco use and its harms and costs in Ohio.


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