Ready or Not? Protecting the Public's Health in the Age of Bioterrorism, 2004


Publication Date:

Publisher: Trust for America's Health

Author(s): Trust for America's Health

Research Area: Health

Type: Report


The 2004 edition of Ready or Not? finds that one year after publishing the first version of this report, states across the country are still struggling to meet basic preparedness requirements and have inadequate resources to juggle the competing health priorities they face. The 2004 update report provides answers to the following questions:

* Over the past 12 months, have the states strengthened their public health systems?
* Are they better prepared today to protect their citizens from a potentially catastrophic bioterrorist attack?

To answer these questions, TFAH developed a set of 10 indicators to assess the states' public health emergency preparedness capabilities. Over two-thirds of states and D.C. achieved a score of six or less. The full report details all findings and presents TFAH's recommendations towards improving the system.