Sports Legislation in the 108th Congress

Publication Date: December 2003

Publisher: Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service


Research Area: Social conditions



As a result of increasing conflict within the sports industry over the past few decades, Congress and federal agencies have given greater attention to public policy issues associated with amateur and professional sports in the United States. Congress has focused on sports in the context of the following public policy areas: antitrust, labor relations, immigration, player and fan violence, broadcasting and cable issues, taxation, drug abuse and testing, federal spending related to the conduct of U.S.-held Olympic Games, sports franchise relocations, legal and illegal gambling, oversight of the boxing industry, youth sports activities, and equal access for women to sports programs at educational institutions.

This report identifies legislation introduced during the 108th Congress that would directly affect amateur, professional, or youth sports in the United States. This legislation (S. 275, S.Res. 40, H.R. 189, H.R. 361) is grouped by policy issue. Additional issue categories and legislation will be added to the report as appropriate during the 108th Congress. For related reading, see CRS Report RS20201, Sports Legislation in the 106th Congress;CRS ReportRS20880, Sports Legislation in the 107th Congress; CRS Report RS20710, Title IX and Sex Discrimination in Education: An Overview; CRS Report RS20460, Title IX and Gender Bias in Sports: Frequently Asked Questions; and CRS Report RL31709, Title IX, Sex Discrimination and Intercollegiate Athletics: A Legal Overview.