Ready to Roll: An Assessment of New Jersey's Readiness for the Zero-Emission Vehicle Program

Publication Date: September 2002

Publisher: New Jersey Public Interest Research Group. Law and Policy Center

Author(s): Tony Dutzik

Research Area:

Keywords: public health; Clean Cars Program

Type: Report

Coverage: New Jersey


Despite tighter automobile emission standards over the past three decades, many states continue to face significant automobile-related air pollution problems. Ready to Roll: An Assessment of New Jersey's Preparedness for the Zero-Emission Vehicle Program outlines how the use of advanced-technology vehicles--those that use cleaner, alternative fuels or new technological advances to achieve dramatically improved environmental performance--could alleviate air pollution problems while reducing global warming emissions and enhancing the state's energy security. The report also documents that, although advanced technology vehicles are "ready to roll," availability of these vehicles is limited in states that have not yet adopted the California Clean Car Standards.