Greening the Budget: 11 Ideas for Protecting the Environment and Easing Maryland's Fiscal Crisis

Publication Date: July 2004

Publisher: MaryPIRG

Author(s): Travis Madsen; Brad Heavner; Susan Brown; Erich Pica

Research Area: Banking and finance; Environment

Keywords: green scissors; harmful subsidies

Type: Report

Coverage: Maryland


Eleven fiscally sound and environmentally friendly 'green budget' policies evaluated in this report could help the State of Maryland ease its budget crisis while discouraging waste and pollution. Closing harmful loopholes in the tax code, eliminating unfair subsidies for pollution, and cutting wasteful projects would create financial disincentives for sprawling growth, air pollution, wetlands development, overuse of groundwater, and other environmentally damaging activities. Adopting these policies could increase state revenues by at least $145 million, with up to $3 billion in long-term savings.