,Coordinated Planning in Michigan: Three Case Studies

Coordinated Planning in Michigan: Three Case Studies


Publication Date: January 2002

Publisher: PIRGIM Education Fund

Author(s): Tony Ditzik; Brian Imus

Research Area: Environment; Government

Keywords: sprawl; growth management

Type: Report

Coverage: Michigan


Despite the environmental and quality of life problems caused by sprawl, land use planning in Michigan is poor. The 1,800 units of government with responsibility for planning in the state often fail--or refuse--to coordinate their plans with one another. The result is a disjointed approach to planning that renders many Michigan communities powerless to deal with sprawl. The inconsistency of local plans also leaves municipalities vulnerable to legal action by developers--actions that further limit the willingness of municipalities to take aggressive action against sprawl. One of the most important solutions is to encourage better coordinated planning between municipalities and within governments.