Impact of Major Reform Proposals on Women's Health Coverage


Publication Date: June 2007

Publisher: Insure the Uninsured Project


Research Area: Health

Keywords: women's healthcare; universal healthcare; healthcare reform

Type: Report

Coverage: California


Review of six separate health reform proposals to increase health coverage of California's uninsured. We assessed how they will increase coverage for uninsured women and how they interface with existing programs that pay for care to uninsured women.

The report refers to women with incomes below the poverty level as low income, women with incomes from 100% of poverty to 300% of the federal poverty level (FPL) as moderate income and women with incomes over 300% of FPL as higher income.

We include separate appendices with an analysis of impacts on uninsured women of the proposed reforms, a matrix of the six state reform efforts, a review of existing state and county programs for uninsured women, and a sampling of health plans' cost of health coverage.