Filling America's Jobs: How Business Can Implement Sector Workforce Development Strategies for Jobs and Economic Growth

Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher: Manufacturing Institute. Center for Workforce Success


Research Area: Labor; Manufacturing and industry

Type: Report


This how-to booklet is intended to guide businesses and business associations affiliated with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), as well as local chambers and other business-led organizations, on effective ways to bring businesses within an industry together; determine solutions required to meet their workforce needs, as well as those of their workers; develop regional pipelines of skilled workers; and advocate for public policies that support those pipelines. This guide provides a step-by-step method for bringing together partnerships that connect individual efforts, social supports, training and education, and highroad employment. It contains practical advice to help business associations take on the role of industry-centric workforce intermediaries, help employers create modern and sought-after workplaces and create cadres of business champions to speak out publicly on the need to develop a modern manufacturing workforce.