,,Abortion Morbidity in Uganda: Evidence from Two Communities

Abortion Morbidity in Uganda: Evidence from Two Communities


Publication Date: December 2006

Publisher: Guttmacher Institute

Author(s): Gabriel Jagwe-Wadda; Ann M. Moore; Vanessa Woog

Research Area: Health

Type: Report


The Community Abortion Morbidity Study was an exploratory qualitative study examining community perceptions of abortion morbidity experience among residents of Kampala and Mbarara districts in 2003. The data came from eight focus group discussions with women aged 18 to 60, 82 in-depth interviews with women aged 18 to 60 and men aged 20 to 50, and 33 indepth interviews with health care providers (HCPs). This report presents evidence on reasons for the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, abortion practice, health problems women experience as a result of stopping a pregnancy, actions women take to obtain treatment, the barriers they face in obtaining treatment, and the social and economic consequences of abortion.