GMC Dental Program Evaluation

Publication Date: April 2001

Publisher: Medi-Cal Policy Institute

Author(s): Inc. William M. Mercer

Research Area: Health

Type: Report

Coverage: California


The Geographic Managed Care (GMC) Dental Program provides dental care services to an average of 152,000 Medi-Cal recipients each month through four managed care dental plans in Sacramento County. The state of California implemented this pilot program in 1994 to explore more cost-effective ways of delivering dental care to Medi-Cal members. In the rest of the state, most Medi-Cal-covered dental care is delivered through a fee-for-service program called Denti-Cal (with a few exceptions in the Los Angeles area where pre-paid health plans are offered). This is the first independent evaluation of the GMC Dental Program. The California Department of Health Services had conducted limited studies, but an independent analysis of the effectiveness of the program was needed. William M. Mercer, Inc. convened a panel of experts to help develop evaluation criteria. The results of this study are contained in this report and include an evaluation of:

*Access to care; *Quality of care; *Cost comparison between Denti-Cal and the GMC dental program; *Data collection; and *State GMC monitoring.

This report will give readers an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the program as well as recommendations for improvement.