Senate Bill Would Update and Streamline Housing Voucher Program; Improves on House Bill Passed With Strong Bipartisan Support

Publication Date: March 2008

Publisher: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Will Fischer; Barbara Sard

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: Economic projections; Housing assistance; Housing subsidies; Section 8

Type: Report


On March 3, 2008, Senate Banking Committee Chair Chris Dodd, Senate Housing Subcommittee Chair Charles Schumer, and several other Senators introduced S. 2684, the Section 8 Voucher Reform Act (SEVRA).  SEVRA would make significant changes to the “Section 8” Housing Choice Voucher program and related changes in other housing assistance programs.  The Senate bill closely resembles H.R. 1851, a version of SEVRA that the House passed by a bipartisan vote of 333-83 on July 12, 2007.