Housing Vouchers Could Be At Risk In 2008: Distribution Formula and Funding Level Are Key Issues

Publication Date: September 2007

Publisher: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (Washington, D.C.)

Author(s): Douglas Rice; Barbara Sard; Martha Coven

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: Economic projections; Economic inequality; Community economic development; Housing assistance

Type: Report


Congress will have two key issues to resolve in the Section 8 voucher portion of the HUD appropriations bill:  how much money to provide to renew existing vouchers and how to distribute those funds among the 2,400 state and local housing agencies that administer the program.  These decisions will be made against the backdrop of a potential presidential veto.  The President insists that Congress not exceed the overall level of discretionary funding he proposed in his budget earlier this year — a level that would entail significant cuts in many domestic programs — and the White House has threatened to veto both the House and Senate Transportation-HUD bills if they exceed these spending limits.