First Class: Profiles of Women MPs and Senators in Jordan, 2003-2007


Publication Date: January 2007

Publisher: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs


Research Area: Government

Keywords: Jordan; Parliament; Women

Type: Book


The election of an unprecedented number of women (six) to the Lower House of Parliament in 2003 was a remarkable step toward strengthening women's political participation in Jordan. The subsequent appointment of eight women to the Senate also contributed to the establishment of a "first class" of Jordanian women legislators to challenge traditional attitudes about women's role in society.

The purpose of this book is to present the profiles, stories and accomplishments of this first class of 14 Jordanian women legislators who served in Parliament for the period
2003-2007. This publication is the result of interviews with women parliamentarians and their supporters, as well as a review of key reports and documents on women's political participation in Jordan. It showcases who these women are and what their legacy has been during these critical four years in Jordan's history.