How To Stregthen Democracy in Latin America


Publication Date: May 2008

Publisher: Hudson Institute

Author(s): Jaime Daremblum

Research Area: Government

Keywords: Latin America; Democracy

Type: Report


This monograph by Jaime Daremblum, former Costa Rican Ambassador to the United States and Director of Hudson's Center for Latin American Studies, outlines ongoing challenges facing Latin America. These include poverty, radical populism, education, and the struggle to continue to adapt to globalization. Daremblum discusses these challenges as well as many recent encouraging developments, including the rise of democracies, healthy economies, and burgeoning middle classes in many of the region's countries. Daremblum also points to several policy prescriptions the United States could undertake to continue to promote prosperity in Latin America, such as trade agreements, anti-poverty measures, and student-exchange programs.