Reply Comments to the FCC on Broadband Deployment; filed on behalf of Free Press, Consumers Union, and Consumer Federation of America; Docket No. 07-45

Publication Date: May 2007

Publisher: Consumer Federation of America; Free Press (Organization); Consumers Union of United States

Author(s): S. Derek Turner; Adam Lynn

Research Area: Media, telecommunications, and information

Keywords: Internet Policy; Universal Broadband; U.S Broadband Market; Telecommunications Act of 1996

Type: Other


This Notice of Inquiry seeks input that will enable the Commission to determine whether advanced telecommunications capability is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. In our initial comments, we provided a wide array of evidence to the Commission demonstrating that the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability, as defined in Section 706, is not being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. A few commenters, including incumbents and the associations representing them, attempted to convince the Commission that the U.S. broadband market is" teeming" with choice. However, the evidence offered by these commenters does not adequately demonstrate that this is indeed the case. In our reply filing, we rebut the claims of the commenters who contended all is well in America's broadband market.