Reply Comments before the FCC on Development of Nationwide Broadband Data; filed on behalf of Free Press, Consumers Union, and Consumer Federation of America; Docket No. 07-38

Publication Date: July 2007

Publisher: Consumer Federation of America; Consumers Union of United States; Free Press (Organization)

Author(s): S. Derek Turner

Research Area: Media, telecommunications, and information

Keywords: Broadband Data; National Broadband; Internet Policy

Type: Other


This Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeks input into how the Commission can improve its data gathering practices that enable it to oversee the reasonable and timely deployment of advanced telecommunication services, as mandated by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. In our initial comments in this proceeding, we offered modest and reasonable changes to the Form 477 reporting requirements that would finally enable the Commission to begin to adequately fulfill its obligations under Section 706. In these reply Comments we offer further evidence of the value of enhanced data reporting requirements, and illustrate how these additional reporting rules will not be a burden on providers.