Organizing and Supporting the Employer Role in Workforce Development: A Guide for Employer Organizations

Publication Date: January 2008

Publisher: Jobs for the Future, Inc.; Center for Workforce Success; Institute for a Competitive Workforce


Research Area: Labor

Keywords: workforce partnerships; workforce intermedaries; low-wage workers

Type: Report


Including a guidebook and four user-friendly manuals, this series from Workforce Innovation Networks--WINs--shows how organizations can play a unique and important role in advancing the employer side of the nation's workforce equation. The guidebook and manuals provide clear information and guidance on replicating the successful practices learned throughout the course of the 10-year WINs partnership.

WINs is a partnership of the Center for Workforce Success, the nonprofit education and training arm of the National Association of Manufacturers; Manufacturing Institute; the Institute for a Competitive Workforce, a nonprofit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and Jobs for the Future, a Boston-based national nonprofit working on education and workforce development.

From 1997 through 2007, WINs collaborated with local and state employer organizations on the cutting edge of workforce development. WINs showed how these organizations, acting as workforce intermediaries, can achieve a dual goal: meeting the needs of their businesses for employees at the entry-level and above; and improving the economic prospects of disadvantaged job seekers and workers.