WTO, E-Commerce and Information Technology. From the Uruguay Round through the Doha Development Agenda


Publication Date: October 2004

Publisher: John and Mary R. Markle Foundation

Author(s): Sacha Wunsch

Research Area: Science and technology

Keywords: UN-ICT Task Force; E-Commerce; IT Developmen; Internet Governance

Type: Report


This report for the UN-ICT Task Force reviews the history of the WTO's work on e-commerce and IT and provides a comprehensive perspective of how WTO Members applied the rules-based trading system to e-commerce and IT through the Doha Development Agenda. Its purpose was to provide non-WTO experts with interests in the trade dimensions of e-commerce, IT, and developing countries' participation in global IT governance with a reference tool that would explain both the scope and importance of the WTO's work on e-commerce and IT.

This report was edited by Joanna McIntosh.