Supportive Housing in Illinois: A Wise Investment

Publication Date: April 2009

Publisher: Social IMPACT Research Group

Author(s): Heartland Alliance Social IMPACT Research Group

Research Area: Social conditions

Keywords: Illinois; Housing; Homelessness; Poverty

Type: Report


Supportive housing is permanent affordable housing coupled with supportive services that enables residents to achieve long-term housing stability. Residents include people who were homeless and those who have serious and persistent issues such as mental illness, chronic health problems, and substance use.

This analysis focused on 177 supportive housing residents in Illinois and the impact of supportive housing on their use of expensive, primarily publicly-funded services. Analysis compared the 2 years before they entered supportive housing with the 2 years after. Data were collected on these residents from Medicaid, mental health hospitals, substance use treatment, prisons, and various county jails and hospitals.