Better Benefits: Reforming Teacher Pensions for a Changing Work Force

Publication Date: August 2010

Publisher: Education Sector

Author(s): Andrew J. Rotherham; Chad Aldeman

Research Area: Education

Keywords: education problems; policy; classroom issues

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


According to this report from Education Sector, the problems with teacher pensions are not just financial, and they do not just affect individual teachers and retirees. It examines teacher pensions and details the problems facing current state pension programs-both the fiscal problems, which are severe, and the educational consequences of these retirement plans. It finds that current pension systems compel teachers to stay in the classroom, regardless of burnout or a desire to pursue another career, until they reach a certain career milestone. It also offers a specific set of policy recommendations designed to improve the fiscal solvency of state pension plans while also making the new plans more attractive to teachers.