Ohio State Teacher Policy Yearbook

Publication Date: June 2007

Publisher: The National Council on Teacher Quality

Author(s): Sandi Jacobs; Jess Castle

Research Area: Education

Keywords: Special Ed; Teacher Quality; Education

Type: Report

Coverage: Ohio


As with its other state studies, this evaluation is also broken down into six areas that include a total of 27 goals. These goals examine the impact of state policy on the preparation, certification, licensure, compensation and effectiveness of teachers across the elementary, secondary and special education spectra.

The study finds that Ohio has done a good job in meeting some of goals, but there is significant room for improvement. Ohio completely missed 11 goals, met a small portion of eight, partially met three, nearly met one and fully met four. Ohio’s best performance was in “Teacher Licensure.”

The study applauds Ohio for experimenting with a statewide value-added assessment system. The study finds, however, that the state needs to do more to ensure that special education teacher candidates receive the training they need to become highly qualified.

Overall, the National Council on Teacher Quality found Ohio’s performance “languishing.”