2005 Report on Illinois Poverty

Publication Date: May 2005

Publisher: Heartland Alliance for Human Needs and Human Rights

Author(s): Iris Chavez; Helen Edwards; Amy Rynell

Research Area: Economics; Education

Keywords: child poverty; long-term employment ; personal bankruptcies ; child poverty

Type: Report

Coverage: Illinois


The 2005 Report on Illinois Poverty paints a picture of the condition of the working poor in Illinois with information that includes:

• In 2004, Illinois had more layoffs than any other state in the country.
• Illinois had the highest rate of child poverty and overall poverty in the Midwest, and close to half of all people in the state living in poverty are in "deep" poverty, meaning they made less than half the federal poverty level.
• Illinois ranked 47th in the country in long-term employment growth and 43rd in short-term employment growth.
• The number of personal bankruptcies in the state increased from 37,531 in 1993 to 84,520 in 2003.