Taming Coal: The Imperative for Rapid Demonstration and Scale-Up and Scale-Up Of Advanced Coal Gasification and Carbon Sequestration and the Reform of Coal Mining and Waste Disposal Practices

Publication Date: March 2007

Publisher: Clean Air Task Force


Research Area: Environment

Keywords: Clean Air Task Force; health-related air emissions ; Water restoration

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


According to this white paper from the Clean Air Task Force, "Coal-fired power generation is today one of the planet's most environmentally destructive activities," and that "we need to change how we use it ... as quickly as possible."

"Taming Coal" also acknowledges that we are unlikely to be able to live without coal for some time to come. Accordingly, it stresses the critical importance of transitioning coal use to technologies that minimize health-related air emissions and allow for the removal and storage of carbon dioxide, and to begin to demonstrate and scale up those technologies on a commercial basis as soon as possible.