Faces of Restoration: People Working to Restore the Great Lakes

Publication Date: January 2010

Publisher: Healing Our Waters -Great Lakes Coalition

Author(s): Jeff Alexander

Research Area: Environment

Keywords: pollution; majestic lakes; economic recovery

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


“Faces of Restoration” makes the case that healing the Great Lakes is a mammoth undertaking that involves removing tons of toxic mud from polluted harbors, restoring miles of coastal wetlands and other habitat critical to the survival of fish and wildlife, and also fighting an endless war to control invasive species that disrupt entire ecosystems.

Thousands of people work on a daily basis to restore the natural splendor of the Great Lakes that was lost over the past two centuries. This report sheds light on a handful of the unsung heroes working to restore these majestic lakes and the positive economic impact their work is making.

With this and its companion “Progress and Promise” report, the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition sent a message to Congress that there is strong proof that the nation’s investment in Great Lakes restoration and economic recovery are paying off for the millions of people in the region—and around the nation—who depend on the Lakes for their jobs, health and way of life.