Performance-Pay for Teachers: Designing a System that Students Deserve

Publication Date: January 2008

Publisher: Center for Teaching Quality


Research Area: Education

Keywords: education; teachers; teacher solutions ; student help

Type: Report

Coverage: Illinois Ohio Missouri


This first-of-its-kind report from the Joyce-supported Center for Teaching Quality was written by TeacherSolutions, a diverse group of expert teachers from across the country. The report proposes radical changes in the way teachers have been traditionally compensated. It focuses on student achievement as a central goal and calls for moving away from rewarding teachers based only on seniority or for advanced coursework that does not translate into school or classroom improvements.

The report includes recommendations for rewarding rewards teachers for helping students make progress, developing relevant skills, and taking leadership roles will help improve teaching quality for students. It provided the foundation for a Joyce supported TeacherSolutions gathering in Chicago in 2007 that brought teachers from the Cleveland, Chicago, and Milwaukee together to see how the report’s recommendations might apply to their districts.