An Agenda to Strengthen Our Right to Know: Empowering Citizens with Environmental, Health, and Safety Information

Publication Date: May 2011

Publisher: OMB Watch (Organization : U.S.)


Research Area: Environment; Government

Keywords: environment; right to know; toxics; epa

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


Public engagement and access to environmental and public health information are vital democratic tools. A lack of government openness impairs everything from preventing – and cleaning up – oil spills to protecting children from toxic chemicals. The need to break down information barriers and bring the public back into the policymaking process is greater than ever. A lack of access to quality information – and to policymakers – hurts people and the landscapes we cherish and depend on. This report includes a comprehensive set of recommendations that are aimed at filling critical data gaps and empowering the American people to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from toxic pollution and other environmental health hazards.