Analysis Of Medicare Prescription Drug Plans In 2012 And Key Trends Since 2006

Publication Date: September 2012

Publisher: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Author(s): Jack Hoadley; Elizabeth Hargrave; Juliette Cubanski; Tricia Neuman; Laura Summer

Research Area: Health

Keywords: Medicare Part D; Prescription Drugs

Type: Report


This report presents findings from an analysis of the Medicare Part D marketplace in 2012 and changes in drug coverage and costs since 2006. It presents key findings related to Medicare drug plan plan availability, premiums, cost-sharing, the coverage gap and availability for low-income beneficiaries, the coverage gap, benefit design and cost sharing, formularies, and utilization management, based on data from CMS for all plans participating in Part D. The analysis was conducted jointly by Jack Hoadley and Laura Summer of Georgetown University, Juliette Cubanski and Tricia Neuman of the Kaiser Family Foundation and Elizabeth Hargrave of NORC at the University of Chicago.