Members Who Have Served in the U.S. Congress 30 Years or More

Publication Date: January 2006

Publisher: Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service


Research Area: Government



This report identifies those 224 Members of Congress whose service in the House or Senate, or both, has been 30 years or more. The information provided is current through January 3, 2006. To place this information in perspective, it should be noted that some 11,754 individuals have served in Congress since 1789. Excluding Delegates and Resident Commissioners, this includes 9,870 persons who have served only in the House, 1,243 persons who have served only in the Senate, and 641 who have served in both houses. Of the names listed here, 131 have spent all of their congressional careers in the House; 25 have spent all of their careers in the Senate; and 68 have had combined service in the House and Senate to achieve 30 or more years of service. Two women are included in the listing. Fifteen incumbent Senators and 13 incumbent Representatives have served 30 years or longer. This report will be updated as events warrant.