"Post-Zionist" Philanthropists: Emerging Attitudes of American Jewish Leaders Toward Communal Allocations

Publication Date: January 1998


Author(s): Gerald B. Bubis; Steven M. Cohen

Research Area: Banking and finance; Culture and religion

Keywords: Allocations; Jewish Organizations; American Jews

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


To what extent do high-ranking American Jewish communal leaders, both volunteer and professional, continue to support the allocation of philanthropic funds to Israel and other overseas causes? To what extent is support for Jewish education and Jewish social and human services successfully competing with support for Israel-oriented philanthropy? What is the thinking that underlies the positions of Jewish leaders in these areas? Who, among the leaders, is more likely to favor Israel-oriented philanthropy, and who is less likely to do so? This study complements a long line of cognate research on the American Jewish rank-and-file who, of course, provide the context in which the leaders operate and in which this study was undertaken.