A Century of Jewish Fertility in the American Community: Cohort Trends and Differentials

Publication Date: January 1993

Publisher: Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Author(s): Calvin Goldscheider; Frances K. Goldscheider

Research Area: Culture and religion; Education; Social conditions

Keywords: American Jews; Family; Demography

Type: Report

Coverage: United States


In Jewish Population Studies 25 (Papers in Jewish Demography, 1989), 129-144. In this paper we present a systematic analysis of the relationships among educational attainment, marriage, intermarriage, and fertility, comparing Jews and non-Jews in the High School Class of 1972. They demonstrate the continuation of Jewish distinctiveness into the forth generation of young adults, with differences in education as well as in the relationships between education and family processes; and they demonstrate as well Jewish demographic continuity in the United States.