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Advancing Universal Health Care Coverage in Alameda County: Results of the County of Alameda Uninsured Survey

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Publication Date: September 2001

Publisher(s): UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Author(s): Ninez A. Ponce; Tomiko Conner; B. Patricia Barrera; Dong Suh

Funder(s): W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Funder(s): W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Topic: Health (Health services for the uninsured)
Health (Health care financing)

Keywords: universal coverage; Alameda; health insurance

Type: Report

Coverage: California


Nearly 140,000 (16%) adults are uninsured in Alameda County. This report profiles Alameda County’s uninsured, nonelderly adults, ages 19-64. The findings reported here are based on the results of a commissioned study, conducted in 2000, that was designed to gather and report on baseline information on this particular county population. The County of Alameda Uninsured Survey (CAUS), developed specifically for this study, is the main data collection tool. The CAUS dataset in combination with other existing data, including on children, will assist local efforts to expand access to health care and thereby advance universal health coverage in Alameda County. For this report, we analyzed CAUS data on 1,577 nonelderly adults ages 19-64.