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Citizen Rights in Flux: The Influence of American Immigrants to Israel on Modes of Political Activism

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Publication Date: January 2001

Publisher(s): Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Author(s): Avi Kay

Series: Jewish Political Studies Review 13:3-4 (Fall 2001)

Special Collection: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Topic: Politics (Politics)
Population and demographics (Demography and census)

Keywords: Political Behavior; Israeli Politics; Demography; Aliyah

Type: Report

Coverage: Israel


The author argues that although American-born Israelis are among the smallest immigrant groups in Israel, comprising only 1.5 percent of the current population, they have been at the forefront of extra-parliamentary activity for nearly thirty years. The author briefly outlines the basic nature of the Israeli political system and then seeks to explain the reasons behind the conspicuous lack of American-born Israelis within the formal Israeli political structure and the rationale underlying their ubiquitous presence within extra-parliamentary groups.