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Publication Date: January 2006

Publisher(s): Association for Jewish Studies; Association for Jewish Studies

Author(s): Benjamin D. Sommer; Benjamin D. Sommer

Series: AJS Perspectives: The Newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies, Spring 2006, pp.28-29.

Special Collection: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Topic: Culture and religion (Religion and religious groups)
Education (Colleges and universities)
Education (Curriculum)

Keywords: Hebrew Language Instruction; Judaic Studies; Higher Education; Curriculum

Type: Other

Coverage: United States United States


Responding to a series of articles in which Judaic Studies professors discuss their respective Jewish studies undergraduate programs, the author notes a divergence in the area of Hebrew language requirements. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages of linguistic requirements for undergraduate majors in general, and discusses how various areas of Jewish studies in particular are served (or, in some cases, affected adversely) by a high level of Hebrew language requirement.