Author: Mark Weisbrot

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Television in Venezuela: Who Dominates the Media?
Publication Date: December 2010 Research Area: Government
Update on the Venezuelan Economy
Publication Date: September 2010 Research Area: Economics
Oil Prices and Venezuela's Economy
Publication Date: November 2008 Research Area: Trade
The United States and the World: Where Are We Headed?
Publication Date: September 2008 Research Area: Economics
OAS: Economics, Democracy, Haiti
Publication Date: June 2005 Research Area: Economics
A Note on Venezuela's Economic Performance
Publication Date: June 2005 Research Area: Economics
State of Democracy in Venezuela
Publication Date: June 2004 Research Area: Government
NAFTA at Ten: The Recount
Publication Date: March 2004 Research Area: Trade
Fool's Gold: Projections of the U.S. Import Market
Publication Date: January 2004 Research Area: Trade
False Promises on Trade
Publication Date: July 2003 Research Area: Agriculture, forestry and fishing