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A Profile of San Bernardino County CalWORKs Caseload

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Welfare reform poses significant challenges and opportunities for California communities. To meet this challenge, San Bernardino County’s Social Services Group leadership recognized that comprehensive information on the needs of program participants will be required. To help fill the existing knowledge gap, RAND was retained to gather and analyze information on caseload characteristics. This documented briefing summarizes and describes the results of a comparative analysis of the characteristics of the 1997 and 1998 TANF caseloads in San Bernardino County, California. The results are based on analyses of county administrative data on current TANF cases and on asurvey of current TANF participants. The latest RAND survey of TANF participants in the county was conducted between February and March 1999. This survey follows an initial effort, conducted one year earlier, between November and January 1998, that is documented in a report titled Employment of TANF Participants in San Bernardino County: A Profile of the County’s Caseload and Implications for CalWORKs Service Delivery.