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Redistricting Reform in California

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Publication Date: February 2004

Publisher(s): Rose Institute of State and Local Government

Author(s): Alan Heslop

Topic: Politics (Elections and voting)

Type: Report

Coverage: California


Intense partisan conflict over redistricting in the period 1980-1990 brought four reform initiatives to the ballot: summaries are available in Part I, below.1 In the past few months, apparently stimulated by the success of the recall initiative, there has been a flurry of new redistricting reform proposals: two are selected for summary in Part II. In Part III, we reproduce the text of Arizona's Proposition 106 (which will be addressed by the Chairman of Arizona's Independent Redistricting Commission, who is one of our
panelists). In Part IV, we conclude by outlining two sharply differing approaches to design of a model constitutional amendment, together with a proposal for the use of Units
of Representation.