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"Home" in 2010: A Report on the Feasibility of Enumerating People in Prison at their Home Addresses in the Next Census

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Publication Date: February 2006

Publisher(s): Brennan Center for Justice

Topic: Justice (Prisoners and imprisonment)
Population and demographics (Demography and census)

Keywords: Justice; Criminal Justice; Post-Conviction Penalties

Type: Report


Congress's November 2005 directive was a critically important step en route to making the 2010 prison count fairer and more accurate. Given the quick 90-day turnaround, spanning the holiday-filled months of November, December and January, and the lack of funds appropriated to conduct a full study, the February 2006 report should not be the last word from the Bureau. Congress should provide the Census Bureau with more time and funds to conduct a thorough test of this issue, one that will be the basis for an improved 2010 prison count.