Research Area: Campaigns, lobbying, and pressure groups

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Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: October 2012
Publication Date: October 2012 Research Area: Economics; Politics
Seniors and the 2012 Presidential Election
Publication Date: October 2012 Research Area: Politics; Population and demographics
Public Campaign Financing in California: A Model Law for 21st Century Reform
Publication Date: August 2011 Research Area: Government; Politics
Public Campaign Financing in Albuquerque: Citizens Win with Clean Money Elections
Publication Date: February 2011 Research Area: Politics
Writing Reform (2010 Edition)
Publication Date: December 2010 Research Area: Government; Law and ethics; Politics
Case Study:
Publication Date: March 2010 Research Area: Politics
Publisher(s): Author(s): Edwin Bender
Names in the News: Jose Cuevas
Publication Date: November 2009 Research Area: Politics