Unregulated Work in the Global City

Publication Date: April 2007

Publisher: Brennan Center for Justice

Author(s): Annette Bernhardt; Siobhan McGrath; James DeFilippis

Research Area: Labor

Keywords: Economic Opportunity; Enforcement; Labor Standards

Type: Report

Coverage: New York


Unregulated Work in the Global City was motivated by a simple premise: the many laws on the books to protect the working poor mean little if they are not enforced. Over three years of intensive research, the Brennan Center documented a city where jobs pay less than the minimum wage, and sometimes nothing at all; where employers do not pay overtime for 60-hour weeks, and deny meal breaks that are required by law; where vital health and safety regulations are routinely ignored, even after injuries occur; and where workers are subject to blatant discrimination, and retaliated against for speaking up or trying to organize.