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Origins of Rabbinic Martyrology: Rabbi Akibah, the Song of Songs, and Hekhalot Mysticism

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Publication Date: January 2009

Publisher(s): Association for Jewish Studies; Association for Jewish Studies

Author(s): Joseph Dan; Joseph Dan

Series: AJS Perspectives: The Newsletter of the Association for Jewish Studies, Spring 2009, pp.14-16.

Special Collection: Berman Jewish Policy Archive

Topic: Culture and religion (Religion and religious groups)
Culture and religion (Literature)

Keywords: Literature; Religion; Judaic Studies; History

Type: Report


The author examines the origins of Jewish martyrological thought, as illustrated by the development (in both form and context )of the story of Rabbi Akibah and his rabbinic colleagues who were killed by the Roman Empire under Hadrian. He discusses differences in the tale's emphasis as presented in the Talmud in contrast to the presentations in the piyyut (hymn) "Eleh Ezkera" ("These I Remember") and the independent narrative "Aseret Harugey Malkhut" (Ten Who Were Martyred by the Empire"). He further examines Akibah's relationship with the idea of martyrdom, as illustrated by his attachment to a particular biblical verse in Song of Songs.