Author: Kathy Hudson

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Testing Times for Genomics
Publication Date: July 2008 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Macmillan Publishers Author(s): Kathy Hudson
A Case Study of Personalized Medicine
Publication Date: April 2008 Research Area: Health
Religion and Reproductive Genetics: Beyond Views of Embryonic Life?
Publication Date: December 2007 Research Area: Culture and religion; Health
Prenatal Genetic Testing Technology: Science, Policy, and Ethics
Publication Date: November 2007 Research Area: Health
IVF, Egg Donation, and Women's Health
Publication Date: July 2006 Research Area: Health
When the Past isn't Prologue -- it's the Whole Book
Publication Date: June 2006 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Nature Publishing Group Author(s): Kathy Hudson
Personalized Medicine: The "Perfect Storm" for Improving Genetic Test Quality
Publication Date: February 2006 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): F-D-C Reports, Inc. Author(s): Gail Javitt, Kathy Hudson
Federal Neglect: Regulation of Genetic Testing
Publication Date: January 2006 Research Area: Health
Geneticists' Views on Science Policy Formation and Public Outreach
Publication Date: January 2005 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Author(s): Debra J.H. Mathews, Andrea Kalfoglou, Kathy Hudson
Cloning: A Policy Analysis
Publication Date: January 2005 Research Area: Health
Something Old and Something New
Publication Date: August 2004 Research Area: Health
Publisher(s): Hastings Center Author(s): Kathy Hudson