Author: Michael G. Wilson

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Presidential Commission Needed to Avert Disaster in Haiti
Publication Date: May 1994 Research Area: Government
Reagan and Bush Policies are Paying off in El Salvador
Publication Date: April 1994 Research Area: Politics
Mexico Is Back: The Aftermath of the Colosio Assassination
Publication Date: March 1994 Research Area: Government
Restoring Democracy In Nicaragua: No U.S. Aid Without Reform
Publication Date: March 1993 Research Area: Government
Aristide Is No Answer to Haiti's Problems
Publication Date: March 1992 Research Area: Government
Political Reform in Mexico: Salinas's Other Revolution
Publication Date: October 1991 Research Area: Government
A U.S. Role in Chile's Democratic and Economic Reforms
Publication Date: June 1991 Research Area: Trade
A Challenge for the U.S. in an Unstable Peru
Publication Date: December 1990 Research Area: Government
Haiti's Continuing Challenge to U.S. Policy Makers
Publication Date: January 1990 Research Area: Government
America's Stake in Argentina
Publication Date: December 1989 Research Area: Economics
In Central America: A Chance for the U.S. to Regain Control Over Policy
Publication Date: August 1989 Research Area: Government
Castro's Show Trials Do Not Mean an End to Cuba's Drug Trade
Publication Date: July 1989 Research Area: Social conditions
Safeguarding U.S. Security in Panama
Publication Date: May 1989 Research Area: Government
A 15-Point Program to Stem the Flow of Drugs from Mexico
Publication Date: April 1989 Research Area: Social conditions
The Security Component of U.S.-Mexico Relations
Publication Date: January 1989 Research Area: Government
A Ten-Point U.S. Program to Block Soviet Advances in South America
Publication Date: June 1988 Research Area: Economics
Improving the Panama Canal Treaty
Publication Date: March 1988 Research Area: International relations